ASU is for indiviuals with language or communicational delays and acts as a support for parents too. The app is uniquely designed to support these functional delays and support individuals, kids and adults to function in the social playground of life.

About the app

ASU includes a quick metaphor decoder, a WHAT IF?… list of scenarios and WHAT TO DO IF?…sections and provides unique and essential guidance for individuals.

Principally, it’s aimed to help de-stress and defuse situations or social interactions. Positive affirmation statements change on a weekly basis to help raise your self-esteem, and there is some handy information about food intake, as well as some useful tools.

This app is not intended to be the definitive support for social and language delays but offers valuable help and advice.

It is important to ensure when using this app, it is used in conjuction with the support and guidance of your therapist or counsellor.

Our Story

This app has been created by Eugene C. Moore, a college SENCO and specialist teacher for almost 20 years, who is also registered with the British Psychological Society.

The Science behind this app comes from years of experience, knowledge and understanding of these delays and provides a GO-TO platform for therapists, psychologists, children, teens, adults, teachers and SENCOs too.

Support and guidance from many support therapists, especially to Jessica Dark of for her wonderful understanding of these needs and Deirdre Rodden(Ed Psy).