Anxiousness comes from a wide variety of situations and it is important through every episode of anxiety that you use appropriate techniques to help.

Picking out between two types, cognitive(worry/procrastination) and environment. They need different types of support. Feeling a sense of anxiety can lower your self-esteem and confidence and trigger or over stimulate your sensory mechanisms.

Anxiety can be helped and supported by you and the people around you. Remember you are not alone. Start by controlling your breathing and taking large, slow breaths, and slowly breath out all the air in your lungs.

Then, keep this slow breathing going and try to re-focus you rthoughts on a happier thought. Sometime fidgeting or shaking your leg or wrenching your hands can offer relief and others find twilring their hair with their fingers good.

Feeling for fidget cube or some sensory putty or gel, stretching a string or elastic.

Listening to a pre-set selection of music you might have saved earlier to help you deal with the anxiety attack.

Pick up a book or magazine and read it, take time out to watch a favourite video clip on your phone or PC. Go for a walk with a friend or close relative. Sometime a short shopping trip can help or quite the opposite, just chill in the corner with the lights low.

At times it is neccessary to remove your self from the situation that may have triggered the anxiety. Fidget cubes and stringy bands as well as blue tack and stretchy fidget toys can help relieve the anxiety.

It is important to release this anxiousness and built up energy…this may be banging a door, or crying, or shouting out loud, or just squeezing a ball or chewing on some gum.

Rest and recharge your batteries…drink some hot chocolate or have a bar, or drink of juice or tea and take time to reflect on the event that just ocurred and what the triggers were and how you could prepare for the next time better.