Fallout On Social Media

Misunderstanding and mis-reading texts are common problems experienced by most people when using social media and can often lead to a breakup of a friendship, or start an argument for no reason.

Whilst some social media can be good for building connections and links with others, sometimes, what you write on virtual link or express on Snapchat or WhatsApp can be misunderstood and the underlying meaning is misconstrued or picked up wrong.

This then leads to a feeling of hurt or anger and frustration and can result in a dispute or argument.

So, when you realise that what you sent was hurtful or misconstrued, pick up the phone and directly speak to that person and remove or delete the text. Apologise and let the receiver know that your sentiments were not correctly presented in the text.

It is very common to send or receive texts or information that has been misunderstood. Remember, if you do this regularly, then you should consider stopping and removing yourself from social media or have all your chats filtered or cross-checked by someone who can help you. Remember, misinformation is everywhere.