Food & Shopping

Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner are your primary energy sources and without them your body begins to tell you that something is wrong.

Whether, your tummy starts to gurgle, or you experience severe tummy cramps, and begin to feel low, tired or snappy. Then this is often a sign you have missed one of your three a day.

This needs to be monitored. What you are eating and when you are eating is very important to your well-being.  

Whether you stayed in bed too long and decided to miss breakfast, or you were too busy socialising/gaming, you accidentally missed lunch or you didn’t want anyone to see you eat food, then it’s time to change it.

Your body needs energy to move your legs, blink your eye, dress yourself or even walk, and for each movement your body makes….. so the energy burns. It is key that you create a balanced diet, a set amount of food that meets the daily allowance needed for you to function. 


Avoid missing breakfast, as morning food is key to your energy for the day. Some cereal, fruit and/or cooked food would be a good start.

You should try to plan your breakfast for the week so that you have a choice of food.

If you don’t have the food you like at home then, you need to food shop and take part in this whole process with your guardian or parents. 


Assign a number to each meal plan, this will be the calories of energy that the food produces (if you are unsure, ask  someone who will know or check the food packaging).

So for an apple = 100, cereal with milk and fruit = 150, a cooked breakfast of egg and meat with beans could be 400.

Begin totally each meal in each day and see if you reach the magic number


Ideally depending on your age and size this could range from 1400 -2000 units a day.

Dinners should be around 800 units a day and are key to being healthier, and feeling healthy.

Only when you have missed the essential meals and do not substitute these with other supplements will you begin to feel poorly.

Check out the linked site as it gives all the information you need on food.