Going To School

School is a big thing for most people and it can generate a great excitment of energy inside you, and sometimes can feel like stress and becomes a worry or concern….then it shouldn’t.

Most find school a place to meet others, chat and make friends as well as learn.

Sometimes school can be a dread, worry and big concern for a variety of reasons. Lateness and not being ready or missing your lift to school present worries and stresses.

Firstly, it is important that you plan the night before, everything that will make going to school easier. Set and alarm for waking in the morning and allowing time for breakfast, washing and walking to the bus or school lift.

Check for your books for class for the next day. Check your timetbale, so that you are not bringing extra books to school, prepare a lunch or ensure you have sufficient money to purchase it in school. Set out your clothes for school hanging ready to change.

Remember to eat a sensible breakfast as without it can sometimes make you feel weak, tired and unenergetic for school or give you tummy cramps.

If you are anxious about meeting others you have fallen out with or are no longer friends with, then you must remember, that they are thinking the same thing as you and you will always make new friends.