Going To The Supermarket

Shopping is essential either through the internet or by visiting your local food shops. For many reasons, shopping can raise your anxiety levels and should be well planned.

You may be anxious about not having enough money, not finding the foods, or forgetting stuff, or having to engage in meeting with the cashier and counting out money.

Many people now shop online and use debit and credit cards and have food delivered to the door, whilst sometimes it is essential to plan your shopping and ensure that it goes well.

Always make a shopping list, or build it up throughout your week. Plan a time that is suitable to you and perhaps when you think it’s likely to be much quieter, ask a friend or relative to accompany you.

Busy times are usually Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Most super markets have aisles list and labelled with numbers or corresponding items such as dairy or a cereal corner etc.

If you are anxious, take pictures on your phone of the aisles or check it out online before going. Remember, if you have a shopping list, this will keep you focused and should prevent you from wandering aimlessly throughout the whole store.