Group Entry Skills

When you meet up with friends in school, at a club or up the town it is important to make your contribution felt within the group. This can sometimes be difficult if you are not familiar with the people in the group.  It is important to have at a least five points for discussion.

1) First and foremost, people like talking about themselves and what they are doing, if you can latch onto this and compliment it with a statement like…. Did you buy new shoes, they are cool, and I like the style. This often allays fears of awkwardness within the chat.

2) Talk about yourself and what you have been doing this week. This creates a shared interest.

3) Often talking about music, a new item of clothing or something that happened on tv or social media is always a safe conversation and a ‘go to’ when you are stuck to talk about anything.

4) Take time to listen to your friend and be wary of sympathising too much and absorbing their worries and fears, as this can affect yourself esteem and well-being. 

5) Have something funny to say or an interesting story or a joke at hand, this can often help the conversation flow

These are only a few things to help with group conversations, always wait for others to finish, and recognise their contribution before you put forward your own.