Hygiene & Self-Care

Your hygiene and self-care is often an epxression of how you are feeling. Daily self-care is important and key to avoiding being the centre of the wrong kind of attention, and a well developed routine of hygiene helps to reduce anxiety.

When you bathe and take the time to look after yourself, through regular washing, teeth brushing and regular showers or baths then you are expressing a true respect for yourself, and care for ‘how you present yourself to the world’.

Daily washing is key to prevent smells and odours that sometimes you don’t notice because it’s your smell. Brushing your teeh and regular handwashing helps to prvent unneccassary visits to the dentist or doctors.

If you struggle with this routine, set them up on your phone as a reminder activity, perhaps playing music as you brush.

Always take time out for you physical self. Think about a fitness plan, through walking, running or taking up a new sport or activity.