Job Interview

Interviews for jobs or important roles are always a time for anxiety and nervousness to increase and your confidence and self-esteem to decrease. Don’t despair, there are lots of strategies that you can use.

Everyone is nervous or anxious about interviews, worrying about arriving on time, not too early and definitely not too late. What questions they will be asked and how they come across to thers in the interview, and if they can answer the question correctly and to teh best of their ability.

Don’t panic, it’s very normal and perfectly fine as everyone experiences the same inner feelings.

Plan, plan and keep planning and there is a less chance of errors and mistakes.

Plan what to wear and ask someone of they think it’s appropriate.

Plan your journey to there and back again, double check bus and train timetables.

Prepare for the interview with mock questions and answers.

Plan and prepare answers and memorise or code them into your brain.

Use examples often in the interview to explain.

Remember, always be formal from the moment you enter the building.