Point of no return

Can not go back

Pole position

Take the lead position

Push The Boat Out

You did too many things at once

Pyrrhic Victory

Despite the win he took a lot of damage

Reality is not what it seems

The truth can be harsh

Rolling in dough

He had a lot of cash

Roof of the world

He was on top of the world

Rowing upstream again

They are finding it very difficult

Sacred Cow

To be revered and respected

Sacrifical Lamb

To be put forward for criticism

Salad Bowl

Mix of cultures and people

Salad days

Eating very little on a certain day

See ya in a wee bit

I shall see you later on

Seeds of change

Plant ideas and make differences

Seeing pink elephants

Drunk hallucinations

Seeing pink elephants

Drunk hallucinations

She could not digest the truth

Didn't quite believe what she was hearing

She got a glowing review

She received a good review for her work

She is a dog when she eats

She ate very quickly

She is pretty as a picture

She is beautiful and pretty

She is my east and my west

She means everything to me

Show someone the ropes

Let them see how to carry out the task

It was like a silver bullet

It was a cure or solved the problem

He was on a slippery slope

He was not doing well and was getting worse

Slow and steady wins the race

A slow and steady approach achieves the result

He used snake oil

His writing was deceiving

Snowball effect

Effect similar to domino effect



He was a spiritual seeker

Looking for the good in everything

Stalking Horse

A winner or front leader


A fallacy or weak argument

Survival of the fittest

Whoever is the smartest will survive

Swims like a fish

Swims well

Take a moment to digest

Need time to absorb this information

That is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel

A task or job is simple to complete

The news inflamed her

She was angry upon hearing the news

The noise is music to her ears

Nice to hear what was happening

The price of milk

Cost of things has increased

The stench of failure

Everyone around is failing

The straw that broke the camel's back

Too many things to do

The striker was a goal machine

Footballer could score lots of goals

The torch lit up the room

The torch was very bright

They are as different as night and day

Different looking, no similarity

They fought like cats and dogs

They argued a lot

They have a lot on their plate

They are doing too many things

This contract is as solid as a rock

Good contract and safe

This dress is perfect

The dress fitted well

The house is as clean as a whistle

The house is very clean

To the bitter end

Fought to the end or conclusion

Truth is food for him

He listens to the truth

Tunnel vision

Is focussed on one thing only

Turkeys voting for Christmas

No chance of it happening

Unmarked grave

Don't know who is buried there

Walks like a duck

Unsual gait or walk

War chest

A catalogue of information

Watching the show was like watching paint dry


Weathering the storm

Manging through the difficulties

Wedge issue

He created a disagreement

White elephant

A useless item

Who's sitting there

Reference to a ghost

Witch hunt

Looking for scapegoats

Words are false idols

Lies and not to be believed

Yin and yang

Opposites of each other

You are the light in my life

You are important to me

You live by the sword, you die by the sword

How you live your life and the consequences of that

You made your own bed, you can lie in it

You made your decision, now deal with it

Your explanation is as clear as mud

Not clear or concise