Missed Your Train or Bus

Often, buses and trains leave at the exact time listed on their timetables and everyone at some time has missed a train or a bus. The key is to check for your route.

Check at the bus depot or stop (train station) for the timetable and look for the next bus or train coming and check if it has the place you are travelling to on it’s route, sometimes you may have to wait for the next bus or train as it may be quicker or perhaps it goes directly through your route.

If you missed your stop then safely cross to the other side of the road as often the bus will be travelling back to the previous stop.

Most train or bus stops are coded using a number to define their route. More importantly the bus or trains will often display the last destination they arrive at, so it is important to look to see if your destination is on the route, if not then go to another stop and check the notifications or timetables.

Check the train or bus app online or via the website for timetable for trains going to your destination. Don’t panic, if you are stuck, call your guardian or friend.