Ordering Food

Ordering food either in a fast food restaurant or cafe, can often be an anxious episode, but with practise, comes calm.

Ordering food can be an experience you want to get right first time. Everyone feels a sense of urgency when ordering in a fast food restaurant, not wanting to speak out loud or not being clear on the order of your food request, can sometime build on that anxiety.

Plan and prepare your order, remember to take your time. So, before you join the queue, or when waiting in line, select your order and how you are paying, making sure you have counted correctly the change.

Sometimes the attendant will ask if you want a meal with that, or particular dips and side orders, be certain on your choice and want you want to order.

Whilst in a cafe or formal restaurant, there is less urgency and more time to think of what you want to order from the menu, again follow the customer that each cafe or restaurant follows.

Sometimes you order at the till, other times you wait at your table. Remember, if there is not your choice of food available, ask the waiting staff and be informative.