Shopping For Clothes

Clothes shopping can often be a stressful time, wondering if it suits your style, your size, or if it’s appropriate at all.

Clothes shopping can be therapeutic and stress relieving or stressful and anxious. Plan for a good shopping trip. Make sure you have the right sizes for everything that you wear…good idea is to have someone check this with you.

Plan for the total amount of money you want to spend and how much on each item. Jeans in one shop may be much more expensive than another, but they fit better and suit your style better and would be the better choice.

Always ask your shopping friend’s opinion and try before you buy. Shoes may be the same in one shop as another but cost £20 less, it makes sense to shop around but avoid travel between more than four different shops for the same item as this can sometimes be stressful.

Plan your shop day to include discussion time with your friend or peer and build in a food break as this makes for a more enjoyable experience.