Visiting a New Town or City

Visiting a new place can sometimes be difficult and can raise your sense of awareness, which sometimes increases your anxiety. It’s normal when visiting new places.

It’s always importanat to plan ahead, try to find out as much information as you can either on the internet, or through friends and family.

It’s good to find a local map of the places to see and visit and find your bearings, this helps to reinforce your sense of security and respond better to the change.

Most towns are smiliar with structures of safety and transport. You should always look for a map or use Google maps to support you during your stay and if you are visiting friends, always have an app for a taxi or Uber downloaded and a point of contact for your own safety.

Expect to experience of change to food types and stockists and the wide variety of different meals that are custom to that place. Plan for the language or dialect change and their customs.